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1 2%
33 53%
Swamp Ash
4 6%
7 11%
8 13%
4 6%
2 3%
3 5%
Voters: 62.
What is your favorite tone wood? mine is personaly alder.
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realy hard wood, sorry about the immature joke, hey anyone know what kinda wood the ibanez rg 2 ex1 has on the neck i am wood illiterate and he guitar didnnt come with any specs, and i bought it at guitar center so you all know request for customer service was futile, anyway the neck in that guitar is wicked as **** and i recommend that
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in any case i picked morning wood, great feel and my girlfriend just loves the overall feel of it
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btw, you're annoying me.


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What is your favorite tone wood? mine is personaly alder.

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i was going to ask some what guitars use morning wood, wasnt until i read some of the posts that i got it!
But Mahogany is close.
If I could get a pure ebony guitar.
Sexy guitar that would be.
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My favorite body wood is Mahogany. Not that i've tried them all...

But for looks, imho nothing is as beautiful as a good piece of Koa:

I dont really see the big fuss over mahogany, I personaly dont like the tone it gives, all well.
Mahogany, simply because it's lighter than Maple. If a all maple guitar could be made that wasn't a freaking ton, I'd buy it in a heartbeat
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Mahogany because no matter what pickups you put in it it will never sound thin or tinny. It has this nice thick warm tone. But unfortunately it can get muddy.
I've never tried this but from what i've read/seen, Korina seems nice and i think i would like that.
mahogany...although its friggin' heavy.
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mahogany for me.
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I like my wood recently spent.

Oh, and Swamp Ash strickly for it's musical properties.
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Mohagony with a strip of maple through the center... I play a Les Paul Classic, that combination sounds amazing. This, however, is the best 'top' wood:
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Mahogany is the best with a Maple neckthru neck and ebony fingerboard i have one case closed
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