Like everyone else, i want the best i can get for the least amount of money. i guess i'll just list out the pedal types i want and you can help me by suggesting a good pedal.

1) Noise Cancelling Pedal (gets rid of the hisses/cracks/pops)
2) Volume Pedal (i would like a simple stompbox with a dial to increase volume,
not a wah-type pedal)
3) Wah pedal (i was looking at the rocktron black cat moan wah so far)
4) Tuner Pedal (Something cheap, none of that boss pedal tuner for 100 bucks)
5) Pedal case or Pedal Bag (there is an electro harmonix bag thats 40usd so that
should be good right?)
6) Power supply system (some kind of kit with cables for pedal to pedal hookup
and also and easy way to power it all)

while i'm in here, instead of making another thread

is the Peavey ValveKing a good amp for an 80's rock/heavy metal tone?
I dunno about your pedals but the ValveKing amp is a good choice
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1. try the boss NS-2 for noise cancellation
2. i hear ernie ball does a good volume pedal
3. dunlop classic crybaby/morley bad horsie
4. fender do a cheaper pedal tuner that works great
5. 6. there's loads and loads of cases and different supplies so i can only speak of the one i use which is a Boss PSA adaptor into the Boss PSM-5 power supply master switch
1. ISP noise decimator
2. dunno about simple stomp pedals...
3. vox wah or morley
4. agree with the fender tuner
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1. ISP Decimator
2. dunno if theyre is one
3. Morley Power Wah
4. Fender Tuner again
5. Boss BCB-6 the case that holds 6 boss pedals
is what you're talking about in terms of volume pedal, a 'slow gear' pedal. like an auto swelling volume pedal that kinda emulates a violin?
You could probably make the volume pedal you are talking about. I don't think that I have ever seen one of those. Unless maybe you mean a clean boost or something.
From what I gather you're looking for a pedal to increase your volume a bit. If so, try an overdrive, set the gain to 0 or really low and the volume up than you can step on that thing to get a boost.
for a power supply get a Dunlop Powerbrick. Very reliable.
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If you are on a budget then get things in the order you need them (want them).

Don't go and buy 4 or 5 pedals and stuff just becasue they are cheap and the type of pedal you are looking for...you get what you pay for.

Do your research and try out a bunch of pedals.

Ebay is your friend, pedals can be had for much cheaper on there.

For a wah, check out the Geoffrey Teese RMC-1, excellent tone, true bypass.

A power supply for, essentially 3 pedals isnt worth it, imo.
1) I don't use one. But I've heard good things about the ISP Decimator.
2) I would recommend an EQ pedal for this (specifically the Dunlop 10 Band EQ). Put it in the effects loop and it will allow you to boost/cut your volume as well as alter your tone.
3) Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
4) Go cheap and you'll get cheap. The Boss TU-2 is the way to go.
5) I made my own.
6) Visual Sound 1 SPOT with Multi-Plug cable. No hum, small footprint on a pedal board. Great value.
for the volume boost, dont just look at eq's
the MXR Micro amp and the Seymour Duncan Pickup booster will both do what you want
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1. As everyone elsue has pointed out ISP Decimator is the only way to go.
2. As controlfreak said Ernie Ball is the way to go for volume pedals.
3. Looks like you're on a budget so I would go Vox 847.
4. I love my Sabine STX-1100, not a board style but great for non-standard tunings.
5. www.NYCPedalBoards.com has sweet boards cheap.
6. I like Voodoo Labs Power Pedal II, I have two myself. Work great.
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1: ISP Decimator! If you cant afford one, get a Roctron Hush, similar technology and still is great.
2: Why not get a volume expression pedal? It is a ****load simpler to use and will be better for you. But get an EQ (Boss or MXR) or a MXR Micro Amp, thats the closest your gonna get. Basically thats what the footswtich of your amp is there to do.
3: Dunlop or Vox (Morley's are **** and overpriced IMO) The 535Q Crybaby and the McClyde Vox are amazing.
4: TU-2 or just buy a basic tuner.
5: Make your own out of wood and somwthing soft for the inner, and velcro. Boss BCB-60's are good but expensive.
6: Boss or Visual Sound

Yes the Peavey Valveking is good bang for the buck.
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What is your budget? It doesn't seem like you want to spend alot, but a long chain like this will kill tone if you buy ****ty pedals...I highly recommend against it.

If your budget is low, buy the pedals one at a time, and eventually, you will build the perfect dream pedalboard.