Can anybody show or tell me where to get an SPDT switch for my wah? The only ones I can find on the internet are toggle style switches.


EDIT: Also, I took off the bottom plate and noticed that there was some Computer chip style (PC Board i think) stuff on the bottom of the on/off switch... Do switches come like this, or is this a special switch (the stuff looks really sturdy, like it DOESN'T come off).

The bottom of the switch is at the top of the wah part of the picture.

Again, any help is really appreciated, thanks!
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It an SPDT switch? its probably a Carling as they're in practically all the Dunlop wahs

or from mouser (a bit more expensive) http://www.mouser.com/index.cfm?handler=displayproduct&lstdispproductid=692540&e_categoryid=142&e_pcodeid=69106

if you desolder it it'll probably come off, otherwise examine which of the wires goes to what terminal of the switch and run them to it directly from the cable that goes there