Mkay, i made a pedal now i want to try an amp. I already know all the precations, you need to discharge amps before you tamper with them and all that jazz. Does anyone know a easy amp i could start off with? I dont mean like one of those A87 amps or whatever they're called. I mean an actuall brand name amp. I heard some fenders are easy. Any ideas?

Even if they aren't actual brand name amps, they've got the preamp section "roughly based" around them (Fenders, Marshalls, ect...)

otherwise try a Fender Champ (a little old low power Fender, I believe almost all of Derek and the Dominoes - Layla was recorded on it)

some kits and stuff for various Fenders and Marshalls mostly:
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weber has a bunch of new stuff too.

almost all of their amps are based on original fender/marshall schematics. They just give them different names, or name them based on the circuit. EG, 5F1 was the fender champ, 5E3 was a deluxe, etc.
yeah, i was thinking fender beacuse i want to make a tube head for a bass amp, maybe save me a few million dollars