I took the salesman's advice and got this for my basswood dual humbucker guitar. But i only got the bridge, would getting another pearly gates humbucker for my neck give me a fuller sound for vox ad15vt, or would i be wasting my money and not get a better sound at all, at 90 dollars i don't want to just try it out.

I like my setup so far, its just i don't want to waste money.
What sort of pickup would it be replacing? What do you use your neck pickup for? Leads? Rhythm? Cleans?
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it also depends what you have in the neck now. Personally, I don't like two pearly gates together. I like my neck and bridge pups to be different sounding, but still sound good together. I myself run a pearly gates and an Alnico II-Pro in a mahogany guitar through a similar amp as yours, and I think that the A2P offsetts the PG nicely. However, you may not think so, and the alnico II is even more expensive if I remember correctly.
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Well how much do you use your neckpickup? as some people just end up using the bridge pickup 95% of the time
I use the neck for leads almost ALWAYS !!! And I LOVE MY PEARLY GATE !!!! IT GIVES ME MY SIGNATURE TONE !!!

I don't know about putting it into a bridge though eheh........
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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