know any cheap tuners i can look into. i'm not looking for pedal tuner just one i can plug a cord into and something that can tune half steps. i lost my old one so i need a new one. preferably <$30 us. korg makes some cheap ones they any good?
yea i have a super cheap korg it works well, and like everyone i know except one rich ass friend of mine uses the korg i have. its a korg chromatic tuner CA-30
Korgs are my favorite. Try the Korg CA-30 chromatic tuna.

The Boss tuner, can't remember what it's called, but their cheapest one, has a built in metronome. But I find that one hard to use.
just don't get a quik tuner, i have one and it really can't make up it's mind whether my 6th string is E or A sometimes, and i have a ESP with EMG's and perfectly set up and eveyrthing.
I use a Korg, works fine. I'd like to switch to a Boss TU pedal but can't justify the money right now.
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