Hi what are the best flange wah distortion pedals? for my preferance i play punk rock and rock.
analog ones - Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress, Boss BF2
more modern ones - Boss BF3

NOT a Dunlop Original Crybaby (or the Zakk Wylde one)
its really up to preference, you've got any of the Voxs, the Dunlop Classic Crybaby, the 535Q Crybaby, the Dimebag Crybaby. The Morley pedals are also good (the Bad Horsie and the Mark Tremonti one)
and If you're prepared to pay more you've got stuff like Fulltone, Teese, Budda, etc...

distortion: thats really up to preference and depends on the amp you're using
Yeah, for distortion it really depends on HOW MUCH distortion you want. The Boss Distortion is only 40 bucks, and I was pretty happy with it. But for punk rock and rock, if you want a heavier distortion, there is the Big Muff, Mega Distortion, Metal, Grunge. Those are all heavy distortions.
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