I'd say I get one with the drummer best. He's such a dude. Whenever there's an arguement he just laughs it off, and jokes about it.
I probably get on worst with the other guitarist, well you know how lead guitarists are. He rufuses to let me have any solos or lead breaks, which really annoys me. Anytime I suggest that I play the solo in a particular song he's like, "No, you're the rhythm guitarist". The guy just doesn't know how bands work. He seems to think everyone should stick strictly to the position they were brought into the band for, with no deviation at all.
I get on with the other guys OK though.
well maybe you're not good enough to play lead....

I get on with my bassist best, he's really good, and easy going.
On the other hand my drummer is extremely annoying, never learns the songs etc....
Oh, and our keyboardist is brilliant. He knows a huge amount of theory and has been playing piano for about 11 years. And he's a really modest guy.
i hate my lead guitarist, he thinks he's the man, he knows theory but doesn't really use it to make something good.
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the other guitarist whos my best friend. ive played longer than him but he pratices more so hes the lead cuz hes better. hes awesome though cuz he always helps me write cool parts and lets me ghost him in solos and stuff. hes so open to letting me play better stuff. my other good friend is the lead singer but he is always writing gay emo stuff about this girl who dumped him 2 years ago. no pussy is worth thinking that much about. and never wants to play harder **** like the rest of us. i want to dump him so badly but that would ruin our friendship i bet. the rest of us have resorted to writing harder stuff behind his back. its ****ed up but it has to be done. i just want to punch the singer in the face and say "get laid son."
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I don't have a band yet, but I may start one with a good friend who's quite good with his voice. I get along with him fine.
we all get along very well. well sumtimes lol
Songs working on :

Me, the guitarist, and the drummer all were great buds.. hung out a lot and got along great.

The bass player didn't know us really all that well so he was a bit loopy.
All of our band gets along with each other. Just last night we were all hanging out blowing **** up for fun
I get along with all of them. My co-lead player is kinda new, but we never argue about solos and crap, so it's good.

I probably get along best with the bassist, I guess. I've known him the longest and we get along well.
All of us get along well.We don't have a lead guitarist/rythm guitarist structure,we just see where things suit.All of us are very accomodating.

We dont say,'Oh,Im the lead guitarist,Ill play it.'

On some songs,I play the lead,on some songs,my friend does.We have different styles,like he's better at harmonics and typing,while I'm quicker because I have a stronger pinky.So if some solos require harmonics and stuff,he's up there.If its something else,I'm on it.

We guys have been playing for almost 3 years,and we haven't really had an argument.Ofcourse,some little ones here and there always occur,but serious ones,never.

I get along well with everyone in my band.
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Terrible... I had been kicked out of the band two weeks before the show due to major issues with band members and a blown amplifier. The singer was threatening to quit... we didn't have a drummer nor had we practiced for two weeks. Our Bass player (****ing douche) went to iowa to visit his girlfriend for a month 5 days before the show, so they decided to train a replacement. He does, telling the rest of the band he's fine and can play all the lines no issue.

I show up at the venue, and we get on stage. The rest of the band pulled together and made it sound pretty decent, despite the lack of a drummer.

The bass player?

Nobody decided to tell me that they changed some of the guitar lines for the songs so that the bass player could keep up with us. So we're playing, and all of a sudden the rest of them are playing something different and giving me dirty looks like "What are you doing?! Play it right!!"

The show ended with each of us getting $5 for the tickets we managed to sell and a less than glorious exit. Wasn't THAT bad... could been a lot better though...
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I'm lucky, my band are all great friends.

I get on best with our bassist (I'm rythm guitar and vocals, just to clarify) - he's just so laid back, and knows his stuff. Perhaps not the hottest on his theory, but he knows a good sound when he hears it, and can write a part to just about anything we've ever composed.

Our drummer can be a right primadonna sometimes, but its the sort of thing that happenes when you play an instrument that nobody else in the band is really inclined to have a go at. I mean the rest of us can just pick up each others parts in no time if we have to (with the exception of my vocals, or my Sax if we're doing that stuff!), but drums? Not really.
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Get on best with the basssist, worst with the drummer.

But thats only because the bassist is one of my best friends and we jam at my house quite alot, and the drummer is the only one left haha.
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i get on both best and worst with my bassist, it's just me on guitar, him, and there was a drummer that i had to kick out.
he insisted on playing with barrels and an empty beer keg we found at my house. it wasn't really a problem for me (i like the experimental sound of it) until i found out why. turns out he can't play drums. he had never played them ever. he just wanted in.
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I get on really bad with our lead guitarist. He likes the smell of his own farts and I can play better than him, and I'm on drums.

I get on best with our rhythm guitarist/singer. He's been my best friend since 4th grade
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

i get on with our drummer and guitarist when were not at band practise...but theyre both really irritating when it comes to it, our drummer thinks hes the boss of the whole world and our guitarist never bothers to learn anything...we've missed 2 practises in a row now 'cause he couldnt be arsed bringing his guitar! GRRR
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Well, my band is just a trio, and we've all been friends for years, so we don't fight much. \

I've noticed there's a lot of rhythm guitarist/singers mentioned in this thread, and just about every local band in my area has a rhythm guitar/singer instead of just a singer. I wonder why??? Sorry, just a little random question.
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best....used to be the guitarist... worst... the singer he brought back (due to her being his girlfriend)...she aint much of a vocalist and i feel sorta cheated out of what i could do better at (may sound big-headed, but its true...)
I get on best with the other guitarist/keyboard player, he's open to playing just about everything. I'm not getting along too well with the singer because to be frank, he's a douchebag. He doesn't respect our opinions and contributes next to nothing. We're seriously thinking about kicking him out.