I like the verse and intro riffs the best, they're the most funky.

Quite a cool idea, bit different from the majority of the tabs here. Chorus is a bit predictable but still works, a lead guitar part or overdub for the chorus would maybe make it more interesting.

The guitar solo is cool, sounds very John Frusciante.

I like the bass riff too.

Would I be correct in guessing your a Chilis fan?

Good job overall, different.

Crit mine please? In the sig.
Damn thats cool, ive always wanted to learn to play funk, lol, made me feel like a pimp for a second, lol, but great song, i really like the beat and the bass fills, the bass is really cool, anyways, crit mine please, there in my sig, the up all night one is new, thanks a lot, and cool song

lol, i just got a pop up that had like a fart machine button, or whatever, and made this huge fart, and i thought it was your song, so i was going to ask about that but never mind, lol