Im having some major problems with strings breaking on an SG, despite not playing very hard and stuff. Any suggestions what i can do to sort this out?. I break about 2 strings per gig/rehersal..
It's probably due to some sharp edges on the bridge. Loosen the string, and lift it out of the saddle, then gently rub the saddle with sandpaper, or a small file. Be careful not to go too deep, as you only want to remove sharp edges, not change the height of the string. Once that's done, put new strings on.

It could also be that you're using crap strings. An SG generally uses .010 guage strings. Try Ernie Ball or D'addario.
hey i'm not sure, but my hands are kinda sweaty while i'm playin my guitar, and i used to just leave it, and the strings gets harder and the next time i play one or two string break usually "E" and "G", since then i started to dry my strings after i stop playin, don't know if this is of any use or not, lol neways bye
i think sashki is right about the bridge but i suggest using dean markley blue steel strings. i tend to whail pretty hard on my guitar and my strings still last forever with those.
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just try and find the ones with burrs in them and use wet/dry sandpaper usually works the best for me