Ok heres the deal: My dad said i could work for him doing computer work and other very boring stuff for the summer since he has no secretary at the minute (and hes an accountant talk about boooorrrrriiing!) Anyway Im getting £10 a day (I know! unfair!) , 4 days a week, for 6 weeks. Which comes to about £240. Yeah so I'm gonna upgrade my gear. So far i have a strat copy, a cube 60 and a fab overdrive pedal. Im only looking for guitar stuff not recording stuff as Im good for that. I dont know should I get a new guitar (il add more to that £240 to buy one) or some pedal or multi effects or whatever the hell. Im also thinking about a wah. So what do you think?
well id upgrade that fab overdrive, a good value as it may be (i have the distortion, chorus and echo), to a real tubescreamer.
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you haveve got a decenct amp, so get a new guitar and not a tubescreamer which is an od pedal which dosent work very well with solid state amps
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Save the money and upgrade your guitar. There are some decent yamahas in that price range, or maybe some sort of epiphone.
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I would look into upgrading your guitar. For that money, you could look into Fender Standard Mexican Stats and Tele's or you could go the way of the Les Paul and look into Epiphones.