hey, this is my first posting... I would have recorded this, but I don't have my equipment atm... this is a bass solo I play live based on the intro to Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica. I did it in both guitar pro 5 and powertab, because I know not everyone has both, one, or the other. Please crit.
welcome home sanitarium bass solo (GP5).zip
welcome home(sanitarium) bass solo (powertab).zip
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Looks like you just ripped off the guitar solo. Nothing really original about this.
Nice job Ben! I'm learning this as soon as I get of my ass to get my bass...Which could be a while
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
Fraid I have to agree with Evian here. Still sounds good, just... it's the guitar solo. I can imagine that's fun to do live though.
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