Hi everyone. Im looking to get a new guitar before i go to uni. I want to get an old vintage second hand guitar for as cheap as possible (around £50-£150). At the minute i play a squire strat through a marshall amp, but i am looking for something more original sounding. I would like a powerfully sounding guitar across between jack whites airline and tony Iommies gibson SG, so like a heavy blues sounding guitar. I dont really know anything about guitars appart from how to play them, so any help on brand names or something would be much appretiated. I have been told that these brands are good:
Vox guitar

Does anyone know any other brands that are good? Does anyone on here play a vintage guitar and recommends or doesnt recommend getting one?
might need a few more ££££ .... quality = ££
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might need a few more ££££ .... quality = ££

yeah i know, if i had the money i just buy an airline, but i dont so i have to get a cheaper one.
you might want to look at old kay guitars too
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i'd personally recommend saving up abit more mate and getting the sg youn were on about, iv;'e got an epi one of them and it sounds great, but if you really want a vintage guitar for that price look on e-bay and try and find a cheap one or buy a danelectro u-2, there ok.
man you arent gonna get a good vintage for that cheap... save up your money
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ur tone mostly comes from ur amp. if its a marshal MG, ur not going to be happy with ur sound.

buy a humbucker for the bridge of ur squier.
and buy a vox amp wt effects.

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Play them cheap vintage guitars, see what you think.

But remember, vintage doesn't always mean good.
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