I'm just wondering where I am guitar wise. I've been playing just a year now.

I suppose I can't really show you how "good" I am, but I can make a good attempt at these songs:

Sweet Child Of Mine, Surfing With The ALien, Love Thing, Midnight, Day At The Beach....plus numerous Metallica Songs.
I can also play Viking Kong...minus insane solos.

I can finger tap and do all harmonics. Though my alt picking is not too good.

Does anyone know where Joe Satriani and other great guitar masters were after a year of playing guitar? Have they ever said how good they were then?
hmm about 1.5/79594...mgh575749 . What does that mean? about as much crap as you just posted. We cant say anything about your progress if cant hear you play. E.g Your timing might suck, bends might be turd etc.
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dont get hung up on where u should be after an amount of time...

only you know where u are, what your downfalls are and where u need to improve...

so just practice your weak areas
playing guitar isnt a race, man
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why do you people always ask this question? theres like 10 of these a day and there all in different forums.... they should make a new forum called "DO I SUCK?" and even then there would probably be a thread called "how good am i" in the electric forum.....
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Just keep practicing. Don't worry about how good you are.
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As they said we dont know about your timing or speed or anything. These are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

Do i play the songs right?

Is my timing good?

How is my smoothness, and flowing of the notes and chords?

Do I really know what they are doing or am i just playing it somewhat?

What do I not know about guitar and all of that?

Well the main thing to keep in mind is. Practice alot, dont rush, absolutely no guitar player was amazing at first. Its all in practice, time, routine all of that. Yngwie malmsteen wasnt good at first (when he very first started when he was a kid), or any other guitarist. Have fun with it dont rush and say I GOTTA MAKE A BAND! GOTTA GO BIG! That takes the fun out of it. Just relax man.