Being the main "front man" for my band I always love being a complete fool on stage and grabbin as much attention as possible where as my guitarist and other guitarist/drummer prefer to just stay still. So here's my question, what if any tricks do you use to get attention on stage? Here's my list :

1. Bass Spinning/Whirliggig - I practiced for so long on the this and just to make it even more dangerous my locks are crap
2. Jumping and Spinning (alla Fall Out Boy) - I do it so much cooler though, and I can carry on playing too, I just get a bit tangled up in the leads

However me and the guys do have two stage tricks we all do together:

1. Million Ways - we fell onto the Ok Go bandwagon and perform the dance live with a pre recorded version of million ways (done by us), we dont have sales for gigs so we dont make money either, no law suit here
2. The "Ok Go" Stop - If you've ever seen the video for Get Over It, you'll remember when the whole band jumps, then the music stops and shows them playing ping pong? We do that....sad i know but its funny. But we have to use badminton rackets and a shuttle ****

So tell me what you and you're band do, share you're ideas
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hmm my favorite trick is sounding good...

but i agree with the duck walk... and doing a knee slide never hurts
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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Stop playing, 2 seconds dont move, then jump and when reach the ground again, the start to play again.
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have some naked chick run around on stage, always grabs a bit of attention
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i just play good music and let them know im playing it
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When I play just the root/5th, and I dont bare the entire chord...pretty cool...p.s. dont tell anyone.
It's about context and setting. It depends on the music. If it's a quiet song, yeah, keep it quiet.

If you're leaping about exuberantly while your band prefers to sit there... you look out of place and idiotic.
and thus the reason im the popular freak! nah but i just get bored, so i have to do something. when it comes down to its coz im way more experienced than the rest of my band
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My favorite trick is to play accurately, appropriately and in time.
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Hell, I'm not giving away my secrets!

Playing with my teeth or behind my head, etc, works pretty well for me.
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I do this.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdC9Lph3AGw

gets a butt load of cheers and (?) marks in the air. lol... gotta love Morello
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^that's awesome i wish i could do that w/out loads of feedback.
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^ He's right!

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I do this.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdC9Lph3AGw

gets a butt load of cheers and (?) marks in the air. lol... gotta love Morello

I agree. Tom is amazing with the way he uses his guitar in ways nobody else does. It makes it a little difficult playing Rage covers though, because you'll never get the exact sounds he does.
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I am done with tricks, thank goodness.

I don't mind jumping around every now and then, but that's not really a trick. I started realizing a few months ago that the best guitarists I know don't have to do these tricks, and a lot of bad ones do to cover up the fact that their playing isn't too great.
The only trick I've ever pulled on stage is piano tapping lol (is that even a trick?)

anyways I'd rather put my energy into playing accurately than risk cocking up o.o
lol wtf steel knees.

I suppose i like to do tricks on stage because

1. im an attention seeker
2. i love having fun, and trying toplay in new, harder ways (behind my back)
3. i'm an attention seeker and a frontman, gets crowd going
4. did i mention i like attention?
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HA!!!! Gpb, i love yer answer man, mines pretty much the same .though sometimes i liked to use a dd5 digi delay and record a short fill solo bit on it in the middle of a song and let the dd5 play the fill over and over and let go of the guitar and look around like "wtf where is that coming from???" and then start air guitaring it, that gets a get laugh from the crowd but you really have to be VERY good with timing for it to work and i've only done it a couple times due to the difficulty in it
that sounds cool, i might try that on a bass solo
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