I record my guitar riff into track 1. Then i go to record my bass riff into track 2 but for some reason track 2 picks up track like ill record my guitar then have the recordin playin the background while iam recordin bass over it but it still picks it up i have both guitars plugged into the computer no amp. also happens with my keyboard too. any way to fix this it hasnt done this before. thanks in advance
soundblaster 5.1 everything was fine for like the first month i had been usin adobe audition. now all the sudden this problem pops up.
i had that problem when i was running stock soundcards

soundblaster isn't usually recommended for recording with that kind of stuff.

what do u use? the "mic in" or the "line in"?
I fixed it for some reason it was under mic instead of line in under windows how ever that happed is beyond me. probaly a ghost.