im currently looking out for a new guitar but i have no idea what to get.

looking for something with a floyd rose tremelo with the option for a d-tuner. double humbuckers would be good aswell.

ive been playing guitar for a few years now and im unsure on how much to spend to get something really decent.

i like a wide range of music from punk through to rock metal and indie.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
Floyd Rose Isn't Good For Tuning Options

tell us a price range, otherwise we'll recommend a 10000$ ESP customshop
That's one of the broadest descriptions for a guitar I've ever heard, lol. You should probably just go to www.musiciansfriend.com and scope out some you think you might like. Then once it's narrowed down a bit ask around to get more opinions. I don't know what your price range is, but as for me I have a Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads, for $300. I'm getting a Dimebucker and a regular Seymour Duncan for it, which means that for under $500 I'll have a guitar that can top most middle-ends with ease. That may be a better approach, as well, so keep that in mind.
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Im pretty sure if you want a "d-tuna" you have to have an Original Floyd Rose, none of those knockoff ones.
Quote by dyingrevivalx06
floyd roses suck dude..

Thanks for that EXCELLENT information, dumbass.
maximum price i was thinking of was about £500.

yeah i heard about needing the original floyd rose for the "d-tuna"

to dyingrevivalx06: why do floyd roses "suck"?
They don't. Licensed trems may not hold tune (most), but overall Floyd Roses are a great tool for those who don't need to change tunings.
are you from the band the memory (lancaster PA, CI records)

anyway look around on AMS or musicianfriend, find a few you like body wise then list them and then mabye get some feedback off of that. I wouldn't want people telling me what guitars to get if i didn't really like the body. Anyway schecters are pretty good for indie and punk as well as metal, and i would stay away form EMS pickups if you want to play clean (some indie is that way) and definatly test stuff out in a store
i was looking for some suggestions then maybe go to try them out.

the guitar i have is an ibanez. its their old jumpstart model with a single humbucker and two single coils. its pretty good for punk and indie stuff.

as for the tuning, i would use my current guitar for alternate stuff. the d-tuner would be handy though.