thanks a lot man.
i wanted to make them as complex as possible.
That is crazy good. Would you mind explaining what equipment was used to record (Mics, mixer, mic-pres) as well as instruments and amps?
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Good riffs and pretty damn good soloing. Very profesional sounding recording.
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sure thing bud.

The Drums :
Pearl Session Custom Maple (I think)
Paiste Signature Cymbals
Bass - AKG D112
Snare - Sennheiser e609 silver
Rack Toms - Samson Q Toms
Floor Toms - Shure Beta 56a
Overheads - MXL 990 (paired in wide configuration)

Guitars :
Wide number of humbuckers with 81's
Marshall MG50 (believe it or not) attached to a vintage crate cabinet with vintage 30's
Mics - Shure Beta 56A, Sennheiser e609 silver, Audio Technica (don't know model...some old model) Dynamic.

Bass :
Ibanez 4 string something
Direct into an Audio Buddy Preamp

Vocals :
MXL 990 into Audio Buddy


The drums were tracked on a Mackie 1402VLZ
Overheads were on the Audio Buddy

If there's many more questions...dont hesitate to ask.
thanks a lot guys.
i understand what you mean about the riffs. We take influences from riffs and use a wide variety of rythms.

The drums were recorded around Christmas. My band was kind of on the edge so it was a difficult time. It was finally recorded 2 months ago (guitars) and the vocals a month ago (we also had to go through different types of vocalists)

well, then again, we're only 16 so there is still time to improve.
Thanks alot, that really was excellent.
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i dont support someone that acts differently in person than they do in an interview.
very cool song man , I saw the url for yoour song when you crited mine , I dont have to comment the riffs as though they are just awesome , the vocals reminded me of danny filths houls in the 2 min , preety cool , very heavy , I was like headbanging while sitting in my desk listening to your song , very good job .

the first Solo's in the second minute reminded me of DEATH in the sound of perseverance album..

The main solos were very amazing ,well played , no mistakes .. your a pro man . way to go ..

Crit my new song m8 ?? its way heavier than the other one you critted , feel free to say no but here is the url ,, ty !
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thanks alot man.

goddamnit...get that link workin!!

What ? the linkage i gave you ain't woking? well if it isnt , just go and find it in the first page , the thread is like : METAL :The cursed Night (CRIT FOR CRIT) , thnks
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
i tried that too.
i go to your dmusic site and takes me to that....the main page..

i searched for ur name on there too (soulr) and couldn't find it
Pretty good stuff man, definately recorded well. Crazy ass guitaring too, solos were well writin and added that extra element. But i was kinda waiting for that i'ma punch you in your ****in face breakdown. Not saying that you didn't have breakdowns or lacked the i'ma punch you in the face feel, just my opinion... Other then that, BITCHIN! lol
dude u guys are ****ing talented, keep it up. that was insane....and for 16 whoaaa. good job.
man that was cooling loved opening riff, it reminded me too alot like DEATH, which is a good thing
if you would just realize that the vocals should not sound like some idiot strangling himself then i might listen to the whole thing.i can't stand that crap.it is even worse than screamo.why people enjoy this i will never understand.

other than that it sounds pretty good.except the drums sound a little muffeled.

i only listened to it until the vocals came in.that is as far as my crit goes.
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I'm 16 and I wish I was that damn good.

It was really good, I enjoyed it. Sorry but I really can't crit it much.
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