Okay here's the thing. I have been playing for a year and a half now and I have been in my first band for the past couple of months. We play thrash metal. Rhythm wise my technique is pretty good (because of the amounts of metal I play) and my palm muting is also quite good. Solo wise I've only just started recently getting into main solos of metal songs (I did lead parts beforehand too but none too hard). I just learnt the madnatory suicide solo by slayer which I found quite easy really (although my tapping is mediocre so the tapping run in it sounds a little weak). So I'm a little above solos like that. That's my level I suppose.

But I found otu that by playing in my band my curretn guitar (an epiphone g400) isn't cutting it for me. So I've decided I need to get a new guitar. My budget is about £800 uk I could stretch to £900 though quite easily. I need a guitar with a tremelo though really. My SG hasn't got one and I really want one. So the tremelo is an essential pretty much for this new guitar. In the slayer solo it uses a tremelo near the end too and I have to make a crappy sounding similar sound by sliding in and out from the fret. Also my new guitar needs to have the power for metal... my g400 didn't have the push enough really... but I don't want a guitar for soley metal... I want it to be able to do some softer stuff too.

I looked into it and saw that an ibanez might be what I'm looking for. They apparently have good metal sounds but the middle single coil is there for cleans. I played one cheap ibanez ages ago... can't remember what it was like. The guitar I'm currently looking at is an RG2550E. I found it for £575 which is well within budget... but I dunno how good an actual guitar it is. Here's the spec page.


I don't think there's one in at my local guitar shop atm though but they do have soem other RG's I could try if you can tell me ones thta play or sound similar. So since I can't directly try it... has anyone here had experience with this guitar. What's it sound like... how's it play. How's the edge pro bridge??? Is it a quality bridge. Any help would be appreciated alot. Thanks.
Ibanez RG Prestiges are awesome guitars. The Edge Pro is reportedly as good if not better than an OFR, the Wizard neck is incredible, plays amazingly well. Some people don't like them though...the Wizards are very, very thin.

So, Pros: incredible neck and trem, light, HSH pickups config
Cons: some would say the basswood body is a con, I've seen a bit of debate on UG over basswood...crappy pickups too. They'll have to be replaced. You're better off getting an RG1570 and saving a little money, since the extra $$$ you're paying for the Dimarzio IBZ pickups just ins't worth it.

RGs are very much geared for lead playing btw. Extended rythym parts on a Wizard neck will probably end up giving you hand cramps.
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my guess is thats a bitchin guitar, it has what...the Ibanez/Dimarzio pups?...and the Edge Pro bridge is pretty good my guess cause thats what Vai/Satch use...that guitar seeems awesome.
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Well I don't think it would effect my rhythm playing that much because except for when i'm doing bends or open chords my thumb is basically never over the neck. My left hand technique is almost always classical position. So would it make that much difference?
Well it's not a problem I've had myself (I have an RG1570, which is almost exactly the same guitar) but I have heard people complaining about how thin the neck is, saying they find it uncomfortable, when the neck is actually one of the RG series strong selling points. Choosing a guitar is a very personal choice, so try one out before you buy.
I will show you something different from either
Your shadow in the morning striding behind you
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you
I will show you fear in a handful of dust
I find the Wizard II necks to be nice and comfy, and they have large frets too. I like them, theres nothing stopping you from getting one. The pickups do sound a little thin though, but everything else about the guitar is top quality.
If your primarily a rythym guitarist then you probably don't want the Wizard neck. Unless you want to really work on your lead playing and do some shredding. You could try the Schecter C1 Hellraiser w/FR.
I do the most lead work out of me and the other guitarist in my band because I know more about scales and theory and so on so I'll try it out. See how it goes. Any guitars in the series that are close to it that I can try to get a similar feel.
Well, if you pick up ANY ibanez you'll notice how much thinner they are than other necks and I believe the RG Prestige series has the thinnest necks of them all. So any ibanez you play should give you a pretty good idea of what your getting yourself into.