this is a bit of a common prob but i still need help!
ive limited my choice for my first electric to 2 guitars,but one of em has singlecoils and the other has humbuckers!
now im torn between the natural bright sound of the singlecoils and the powerful heaviness of the humbuckers!
you might say,choose the tone you prefer,but i dont know,i like both,but i fear that the single coils wouldnt help if i try and make a heavy song but i still like their tone!
so help me out please!

p.s:the singlecoil guitar has a bit of a better quality.
Most beginners start with HSS (two singles, one humbucker, as you may have guessed).

If you're clever, get the single-coiled one and replace the bridge pickup with a humbucker. Bridge single coils aren't always that good, but the ones in the neck can be orgasmic.

Which guitars are they? I bet the single coil one is a squier
Try to find a guitar that can switch from humbucker and single coil by a switch or push/pull knob. Since I'm not sure of your price range, I'm not sure what I can recommend. My new Schecter C1 Plus has that feature. That guitar probably wouldn't be a good first guitar. It also seems like you like single coils more than humbuckers. I think you should go with the single coils because you seem to like them more, and you said the single coil guitar has better quality.
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Or you could coil tap if the humbucker was made with that ability. That's what I would do.
the lesser known of the 4
Meh...tapped humbuckers aren't always that great....

Tell us what guitars you mean.

Some humbuckers sound great played clean and are very responsive, but also some single coils have lots of power and can play metal too.
sashki, im not sure how you got that,but the singlecoil one is a squier all right!
the other one is a chineese V copy that has humbuckers,thats why im worried about quality,the squier has good quality
but they both cost the same!!
An unknown chinese V copy raises the "THIS THING FISHIGN SUCKS!" factor by ten points.

I would trust it ONLY if it was one of the following brands:

Apart from that, get the squier.

How did I guess, I hear you ask? Very simple! EVERYONE's first single coil guitar is a squier!
my first singel coil guitar wasnt...
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my first singel coil guitar wasnt...

Yeah, well you were voted gay in your tremolo thread.

ok, mine wasn't either....but still, squiers are pretty damn popular as beginners single-coiled guitars. Can't deny that.
haha i got pwnded. and Yeah i wish i would have gotten a squier instead of my samick...but lifes life, i got rid of that guitar too, so sjdhakj

Have a nice day...and your right, they are really really popular amongst beginners.
Quote by Johnljones7443
Brad, you smell.

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brad you smell like my hairy left nut