howdy y'all, crit mine i'll crit yours, holla.

Wekiva Springs

I snuck into Wekiva Springs
sometime between eleven and morning,
I stripped off my clothes
and dove head first into the water,
I thought I was daring,
I thought I was swimming,
as I hovered between the surface and spring
jealous of the stars shining above my head,
as they grimaced, watching me drowning complacently
with the biggest smile I could muster
when I couldn't breathe
one day closer
to life beginning.
Very good I like the imagery and style. It's too short though you need to say more about the subject. Please crit my song I'm desprate for comments.
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are you emo?

Are you an ignoramus?

And for the record, no. I don't like emo music.

James Taylor FTW