I have a jackson DKMG and as u all know it has a Floyd Rose Licensed floating bridge. I just restrung it with Ernie Ball 10-46 and the bridge starts to lift as I tune it to standard. What can I do to keep the bridge flat and have my strings not so tense? I also rearranged the springs. There are 5 hooks and the three springs are placed on the 1st, 3rd and 5th hooks. Should I tighten the spring tension? What would that do to help the bridge stay even?
did you try tuning far lower and then tightening the springs till its level and in standard, tune, hard to do and takes awile but give it a shot
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not hard to do at all, and no it doesnt take a while. Im assuming that you had .09's on your jack and you just put .10's on it. that completely ****s your setup and tension and it all needs to be set again. the bridge is the easiest to fix, slack up your strings, crank the two screws on the back of your guitar and increse the tension on the bridge. its gonna take a couple trys to get right, but its not difficult and by no means does it take an hour. just make sure the metal piece which the springs connect to is parellel to the body cavity on the top and bottom side.

Wow i hope you understand that haha.
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whenever I put 10's on my rg1570 I have to put on thicker strings in order for it to easily be in tune and at zero point.
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