I searched and didn't find anything on this,so here goes.

Has anyone ever used an Ebow on a bass?I'm going to guitar center today to try it out but I just wanna know if I'll be able to use it or not when I play or if it'll be a waste of time.

Thanks alot:]
Yeah i use it and it ****ing rocks mate. Infite sustain.. You can get some mental sounds going if you play around. I like i run it across the strings and do arpeggios!! if you whack a distortion over it is so good!!
Get a Boss SYB-5 and use them together... Its like a new insturment.
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How exactly do you use it?

You hold it over the string (i mainly use it on my G string, but whatever), and it gives infinite sustain, so an endless note...then i slide up and down the string to the desired note.. or as i said, run it over all four strings and do arpeggios.. It's seriously good IMO!
You dont pick! You hold it in your picking hand over the string. To do arppegios you just start on the E and lower it down while you are doing your arppegios. Kind of like sweeps...

And yeah, it does it by itself !
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How do put this http://madewithdevotion.madm.w.interia.pl/sprzet/ebow.jpg over one string. How would you pick if you have it on? How would you possibly even do appregios if its on? Unless it does by itself....

You have to align the little blue light on the bottom perfectly with the strings. Its not as easy as it looks and takes a lot of practice to get it perfect. Basically, it sends a magnetic wave out that vibrates the string.
Well I'm back with more questions!

I got the EBow,and I've been having fun with it on guitar,but when I use it on bass I can't use the little groves you use to anchor the thing on the strings,so it's really hard.

Any tips on making this easier?