Hey there ! Here's my new song "Just Decay". Enjoy it....it's my first song with my voice.....what would you classify it? I mean which kind of music.
Does my music reminds you of a certain band?

Give me a link to your song and i'll crit it!

Kind of cacophonious. You might wanna find a certain key that you play the whole song in. The vocals kind of sound like Marilyn Manson after getting high on LSD and throwing up. Then again, you were more speaking instead of singing, so maybe that was your desired effect...

I'd suggest finding a melody to write the song around so that it's more listenable and ear-friendly

Crit for crit?
I cant map out the genre of this song though i dont like this kind of music , the vocals were preety decent , i liked the effects u putted on the vocals , the backing music was very good , you could have put a distorted guitar to make the turmoil and the transaction from the clean and chaotic guitar to total mayhem with distortion . any way , cool song , you want to crit me?

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felt like i was on mushrooms again haha.. very cool layering of guitar parts.. vocals had a nice sound but there was something about them i didn't like but i can't figure out what! (i know that sounds ridiculous) kind of dissonant at parts. good though! nice work

could you crit mine if you get a chance?
Thanks for crit.

Listening now. If I were to classify it, I'd go for Acoustic Acid Music. Sounds like a new genre. The delay is really excessive, and the effects used with it were cool. Slide + Delay = fun. The Lyrics fit exactly what the song was for.
Trippy, but cool, like the rhythm on All Ages but not to fond of the vocals on Just Decay but it fits in i guess with the trippy background
Yeah lots of atmosphere, I would to like to hear more backing harmonized vocals on it, I think that would be awesome but thats just me. The vocals are hard to hear, but that almost adds to the song in a funny way. I like it. Thumbs up.

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i reckon that was cool, the main guitar riff just works beautifully... only bad point would be the vocals are a bit hard to hear with the effects, but otherwise it's very well done, like others have said, theres a lot of atmosphere... f you can keep up the originality and standard, youll have something special

crit mine?

EDIT: the only song with this kind of atmosphere that i can think of would be panteras Suicide Note... now THAT has atmosphere
wwwooowoww.....flyyinng hiighh....this song is supercool, i like it. i liked that suggestion of "acoustic acid music" hahaha

i like the little high pitched bends u stick in there, and the tune on the acoustic guitar is reallyyy nice, i like the sound of it.....nice layering, worked out pretty much spot on imo.

would be cool if u could check my song out, its up on the forum page called "what matters anyway"

nice one dude.
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hell yea. that's some funky trippy **** man. i like it. like the others said, the vocals are a bit off, but i believe they get better in sync later on, maybe rewrite?? the vocal effect was cool though.