Im in a band and we want to play some more RHCP stuff, we have found this hard because most of their songs have only one guitar wheras we have two. Can anyone name any other Chillis songs that have two guitars or could be played with two guitars?? (Besides Dani California, we already play that)
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just about any of them...
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a lot of the stuff on stadium arcadium has over lapping guitars. check some of that stuff out. under the bridge has two guitars in the begining, though, one person can play it. songs that are on by the way are more rhythm guitarish so why doesnt one play rhythm and the other just solos thoughout the song or has a riff similiar to the chord progression.
Play Wet Sand. That's an awesome Chilis song, not sure how many guitars are on it though.
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couldnt you just get your other guitarist to like... leave for that song?
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