I have a Carvin Mts3212 3212 tube amp. I really know next to nothing about tubes. I currently have Sovtek 5881 power tubes and sovtek preamp tubes. I would like to know what tubes to use to get a Peavey Classic type of clean sound and also a rich lead sound similar to Tool, Dream Theatre, or Alice in Chains. My bassists dad has over 2000 GE tubes he said he would install and sell to me for a cheap price. Are they good? ANy help would be appreciated.
for the MTS i really cannot say much as I don't really dig that sound, but if you sold the MTS and got a vintage series and threw some hesserl mods you could get any sound in the world, lol - EI tubes are my favorite but i'm sure GE is fine
like pretty much all 6L6's, they are very responsive to your picking attack. You can crank your amp volume to 10 but gently pick a note and it will be quiet, but then pick hard and you'll knock things from the shelf. Your friends dad probably has a lot of these because they make GREAT bass tubes
I like 6L6 for higher gain, i like el34 for lower gain (mostly, but 6L6 is my favorite overall)