I've added strings to this song - via my digital piano - and I'd just like to know what you all think of it. Crit for crit


Oh, and in case you didn't see the title, it's called Something With Heart =D
Nice man, I wanted to stand up with a lighter in a big crowd. But, a few things I noticed...

You have a good voice, but it kinda seems like you have a little trouble hitting the right notes, that may be because the guitar sounds kinda out of tune to me, but I could just be going crazy you know...

haha ouch, didn't really like the tone of the solo guitar, maybe try the solo with an acoustic? idk, it just didn't seem to fit to it, or maybe just too much distortion..

anyways good job, 8/10
Whoa... this is incredible, seriously. It has an awesome, uplifting feel to it. That was phenomenal.
I think for your solo your guitar needs to be turned down a hair, though. But those volume swells were, like, hauntingly beautiful. I'm not kidding when I say this is sweeeeeeet.
I think instead of just doubling up your vocal track in unison, you should make one track harmonize with the other. Maybe that's just me, but I think that'd make it sound a bit cooler.
Other than that, I give you, sir, a truly heartfelt 10/10.
this is an excellent song... the vocals were pretty smooth and i liked them overall (seem a little quiet though) and as for the guitar it is well thought out... i like the mellow feel to it 10/10
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i gave it a quick listen and liked it so far, but i'm to tired right now to write out a proper crit. crit will be up tomorrow. thx, for your crit, btw.
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Gonna crit as I listen...

Like the intro, nice acoustic. vox are nice and calm, go well with the feel of the song. But...I cant tell if I think they are a lacking some emotion or not.

Oh! Nice strings! Perfect for the ambiance of the song.

WOOT DISTORTION! haha. I really like the backward guitar thingy. Again, perfect to the feel of the song and how it gradually builds up.

As a whole it was great. Very well written and I can tell you put some thought and time into it. Good job dude! 9.5/10 Maybe a little variation in the voculs would help

Thanks for your crit btw.

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first, thanks so much for the crit.

nice choice of chords. really really nice sounding.

vox arn't half bad wither...sometimes i think your harmony is a bit off though...check that.

nice use of the piano too!! work really well with the peice.

the distortion wroks really well too. OH! is that reverse delay??? nice,nice

at the end, watch the level of the vox, maybe its just my speakers, but they kinda fade out (very well could be my speakers:p)

great job overall
Nice sounding so far. Your voice sounds kinda....bored. I didnt think it worked too well for the song. Its okay. The piano parts were sweet. The solo was pretty good as well.

good job man!
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Ok, the guitar sounds out of tune and the vox are slightly off key at times. The strings sound good, but the acoustic guitar in the background starts clipping, which you have to watch out for. The levels are awful when the solo comes in, you start playing chords with the guitar at the same volume as when you soloed which means everything else is completely drowned out.

It's not that it's a bad song, it's just that the levels are bad

I'd appreciate it if you could give mine a listen here