Hey, this is one of my new songs I just wrote recently.
I just got done finishing it up. I started writing this a while back, so it has an Avenged Sevenfold influence on it.
It has a breakdown, solo, and harmonized guitars. It's more metal/hardcore than my other songs.

Please share your opinions on it.

Chris - Metalcore song.zip
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pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show
I think the only thing I dont like about this is the Chorus. The chosen chord progression seems to happy. Just my opinion, of course.

Loved the main theme. Reminded me of some In Flames leads. Definate plus.
The intro wasn't very intriguing. Not catchy at all.

I thought it was strange that you had a Breakdown before a chorus, but it sounded just fine, really. I liked the dissonance created at Bar 42 by Guitar 1 in the breakdown. That went really well.

Loved the interlude. Sounded very awesome.

Solo was great. Again, reminded me of In Flames. Maybe even Trivium.

Overall sounded great.
Good job!
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well it's another chris_122 song what more is there to say?
i didn't like this as much as "a story of adversity" but it's still very good.
dont know much about avenged sevenfloyd but to me this sounds like as i lay dying and a little in flames here and there witch is good really.

IMO the best parts of this song is the interlude, break and solo(those parts are very as i lay dying). the chorus would be terrific with a vocalist and so would the breakdown.
oh, have i said your solos rock? if not, YOUR SOLOS ROCK!
what could have been better is again the intro.
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I think this is really quite good. Someone else already said it - sounds like summit A7X (why an X? =P) would play.

And I like the solo on this. I listened to your other song - A Story of Adversity I'll crit it too, I liked this song better though.

Edit: Aw aye the only bit I didn't like was the intro, it was a bit... boring? No offence.

Rest of song was good though.
I really liked the main theme, but before that was kinda weird. Also, a better transition into the breakdown would've been nice. It's a bit sudden. I liked the solo thing and chorus too. Maybe a variation of the main theme would have been good for the outro instead of just repeating it.
I don't usually like metalcore at all, but maybe that's because I have a bad idea of what it is. If it is what you made it sound like, then I guess I like it! I enjoyed listening to the entire thing and I think it was well done. I suppose if there were lyrics, they would be screamed on top of that, eh? That's what I don't like about metalcore.

Otherwise, excellent job
Sounds Very A7x from the begining.

the chorus was, strange. and i didnt like the transition into the breakdown.

Great bridge. Amazing Solo.

Dont like the fade away so much, but you made it work.
sounded very much like A7X. There were traces of Unholy Confessions, Chapter Four and even Trashed and Scattered. However, it was pretty decent for a metalcore song. Loved the solo and i agree that the transition to the breakdown needs to be made a little smoother. Good tab overall
I like the build up at the start. And the Main theme is alright, I'm more of a faster beat person, but it fits well in this.

The 18-15 bit, I thought would maybe go well in the second guitar well the other guitar played the usual 000

I absolutely love the Interlude. Sort of like Trivium, which is what I like, heh. The solo I think is great, though I would end it on a high note, and then fade it out.

Overall, this is great piece. I'd definately cover it if it was a song. Good job.

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I think the solo ended a bit abruptly for my tastes, you should have made it go on just a little longer or gave it a better outro, it was liked it just dissapeared.

Everything else was absolutely amazing though, loved the harmonies.

The chorus reminded me of the chorus of the crimson by atreyu...

Crit mine please?

solid work dude. Solo was my favorite part. main theme is nice, but to tell the absolute truth this sounds a little too much like A7X or atreyu to a place where it's not quite as phenomenal. Don't get me wrong, I love it and I think it's an excellent composition, it's just not unique . But I write those too. Good work. 9.5/10
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What can I really say that hasn't been said already. This is a well composed piece and deserves praise. My only complaints are in terms of taste... it just sounds too happy to fill my idea of what "metal" is...
i really liked the song. How did you record it?
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Thanks everyone for their crits and comments. When I started this song I was listening to A7X a lot, so that's probably the main reason why it's so much like them.

Quote by Bodomizer
i really liked the song. How did you record it?

If you mean the midi file, I made it on Guitar Pro and just exported the song as a file.
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Quote by HxC73107
pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show
ya, i have guitar pro, but i have no idea how to record my song..
Ibanez RGA 121
Ibanez RG3EX1
Some sort of Marshall Stack
Ibanez Weeping Demon
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great song... i'd heard it quite a while back but forgot to crit it

Bodomizer: go to file ->export as -> midi
how do you play bar 43 - guitar 3 part ?
pretty cool. i didnt like the breakdown that much. i loved how the tempo slowed down, it made it sound a lot heavier, but for some reason it didnt sound that heavy. everything else is good thuogh
I do like this quite a lot, it changes a lot which isnt normally my thing when it comes to writing songs as I write (quite shamefully) in a commercial way. But i like it a lot, the breakdown is great, main riff is so A7X it ****s tacky skulls and devil horns :P, and oh yea, the solo kicks ass.
now ima go crit some of ur other stuff.

Oh and btw, in answer to your question, im not a drummer i just like em .
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The intro is too close to Chapter 4.
But good otherwise.
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HOLY S**T that song was awsome . Dude I love yer stuff! The entire song was how i would want it the only thing was that I've hered some of your other stuff and i know that you can play really fast (atleast the keyboards) and i would have put one of those crazy fast solos in there!
but other then that perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Really good, only complaint i have is the solo (which was very good nonetheless) seemed to just stop, there was a point when it felt like it should stop but then it continued on for another 2 bars which were also good but it felt like there should have been another couple of bars after that, but its a small point really given that the rest of the song was good.
dude, that was really good! it kinda reminded me of Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu, but it was really nice, the right amount of harmony and riffing. Nice man!
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