Anyone know where I can get a cheaper SRV sticker for my pickguard? I found one at SRVGUITAR.COM but it's $9.99

You can try getting a large piece of sticker material thing that looks like that and cutting it out? Personally though, I wouldn't go with "SRV." That was cool on his guitar, but you should put something else (like your initials)
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its gonna cost more, but it would look cooler if you bought a SRV pickguard.....or just do what the other guy said and put your own stuff on it.
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Go to home depot or something and look at the letters they have for houses, mailboxes, etc. Might see something that catches your fancy.

Maybe a hobby or craft store too.
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Christ man, its only $9.99. its not the end of the world. But seriously, put your own initials on it, not someone elses.
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The ones he initially put on his own guitar are just truck stop stickers. Find a truck stop, drop $1.50 down, apply to pickguard.
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