right, im EXTREAMLY pissed off. I was going to do a gig, had my band members, and everything ready. I offer to the people organising the band night can we come on and do 1/2 an hour. Im told well, u can come and try if u like. So im a little bit annoyed. Then they keep changing how long we have. It 1/2 an hour, then 10 mins, then 15-50 mins, then 10 again, and now its 'urmmm dunno just urmmmm.' We were also told there was gonna be a drum kit there. I find out its one of the kids in another band thats takin his kit up, so 3 days befor the night i go and ask him when hes takin it up, cos we (my band ) kinda wanna do a little jaming before hand. hes with another of his band members, and i used to get on with them quite well, so this is how the convo goes (A is the one with the kit, B is the other one)
Me: alright A,
Me: What time are u takin ur kit up to the band night, cos we were kinda hoping to have a jam before hand.
A:... 5, but ur not fuking using it.
Me:but ive already been told i can.
A: well u cant.
B: go on A there only doing 2 songd.
Me: well, actually were doing 5 or 6
B: no your not, uve got 10 mins on stage.
Me: no the person organising this has told me we have half an hour.
B:well ur not, were having a half hour and ur having 10 mins,
A: well no1s using my kit

So now im really pissed off. I then phone up my other guitarist and tell him. He then says that the bassist has got another gig on friday. Now im raging. He then says hes gonna ask some1 else but he might be working, and asks me what time were going on
Me: 6:30-7:00
him Oh
Me what
him the other bassist will probably be at work.
me: great. Also we need a kit, the drummer can use mine but its **** and out of tune. I could pick up the drummers kit tho cois my mums boot is quite big.
him: ok. Try and get us on later, so the bassit wont be at work.
Me:ill try. cya
Him later

Hte last part of the convo wasa pointless but oh well. Also, the posters and everything dont have us on, even tho we were confirmed ages ago, and EVERYBODy exept my friends/adults that live near us are completly agaisnt us and are constantly slagging us off. So what the **** am i ment to do with every1 including the people running it against me???

EDIT: Im not in anyway anoyed with the other guitarist. He is really help and would probably come onstage without a bassist and drummer and he really is trying to help me get this sorted. Just thought it sounded like i was slagging him off, if it did, thats not the case
Two words, dude: acoustic showcase. You guys get to play and all the chicks throw their panties at you. Win-win situation. I'm so fuckin' smart.
This reads like a slow-motion train wreck. I suggest you go with written agreements from this point forward.
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Personally, i'd do a Kurt Cobain flying dive into the other band's drumkit mid-set, but I'm a certified asshole.

Honestly, i think you need to re-jig your line up. Re-jig meaning, loosing the dead weight. Or, to put it bluntly, kicking out the morons, i.e. your bass player. Playing two bands is fine (I do it), but someone who does that should be able to make sure band commitments don't clash. And he CERTAINLY should've told you as soon as he knew.

The drummer from the other band sounds like a git. I'd still suggest you do something like spit in his drink or unscrew his seat, although it's understandable that he might not want people jamming around on his gear. He just sounds like an ass.

That said, as for this coming gig, go with Rockybo. Acoustic is the easiest thing to pull off when you're this stuck. I'm just suggesting you remove the morons before the next show. I'd be fuming if a band member missed a practice, let alone a gig.
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Personally, i'd do a Kurt Cobain flying dive into the other band's drumkit mid-set

lol, might have to try that. At the end of the day, me or the other guitarist can play bass or just not use one so its not much of a loss
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lol, might have to try that. At the end of the day, me or the other guitarist can play bass or just not use one so its not much of a loss

That could work, but without drums eh, it's better to just go acoustic.
Agreed, just do it acoustic and find some new band members. Bands need to commit. In our band, there has to be a very good reason for not coming to practice, and you have to be dead or in hospital to miss a gig. They sound like wankers to me.

I can semi-understand someone not wanting to you to use their kit - i've had kit damaged before and no one evers pays you for it.. so now i dont lend my kit unless i know the band.

Recently, we had a band turn up and expect to use our drummers kit. he is ok with things like that if the other bands have the decency to email us before and say hi and ask.. this guy turned up with his sticks only, no contact so my drummer got the arse and told him to do one. Bands should help each other, but you cannot ever expect to use someones kit... it's down to them at the end of the day..

Anyway, good luck with whatever happens. Dont let it get you down, **** happens...just learn by this shenanigan for next time !

Acoustic set for sure. Not only do you still get to perform, but, like another poster said, the girls LOVE guys with acoustic guitars. It's a well known fact that guys+acoustic guitars are irrisistable to girls.
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