I'm getting pretty tired of the sound I get when ever I try to play solo.
It's not as thick as I want it to be on the 1st and 2nd strings (B and e) in the higher notes.
I have a Korg AX1500G running into a Randall RG75G2 (1X12) and my guitar is a stock Ibanez SZ320. I use the AX1500G for the distortet sounds and my Randall for the clean. I am very satisfied with the heavy tones I can get from the AX1500G but it lacks definition on the first two strings. So when I switch between my distortet presets it's hard to hear the difference especially on the 1st string.
Also when i do a pull-off with more than one fret between the
two notes (B---15p12------) it just sounds muddy and you can hardly hear the last note. BTW the Ax1500G is 1000 times better at heavy tones than my Randall. For some reason it clean channel is almost heavier than the dirty channel. Does anyone knows why?

So, do I need a tube amp instead and/or a better Pickup (bridge)? I like heavy stuff.
I've never played through any of those amps but i'd suggest a change of pickup in the bridge position...
Buy a tube amp crank the mids use heavier strings new pick ups
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I use standard strings and my guitar is tuned a half step down.
It helps a bit when I crank the mids, but then the sound is not heavy anymore.
Cranking the mids will thicken up the sound considerably, but you will also lose some definition in your tone.

A good overdrive pedal with the gain on low will make your sound more full, but if is a cheaper pedal you might lose definition as well.
Nah, heavier strings are your friend here mate. I mean, I say that in every thread about strings/tone, but seriously here, thicker strings are the best route to thicker sound. (Note: by "best" I in fact mean "cheapest".)

What do you mean by 'standard' strings anyway? If you mean the strings that usually come on your guitar they'll most likely be 9s, which are light strings, and therefore thin. Especially since you're tuned down a bit, get heavier strings.
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You said boosting your mids helped, so I have a possible solution.

You could purchase an EQ pedal. This would allow you to boost your mids for parts that require a thicker sound, then turn off the EQ when you want to go back to the heavy tone.
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What do you mean by 'standard' strings anyway?

My strings are 9-42