I live in Europe and I just ask myself how does it come that there is more metal, harcore, metalcore in America and so little in Europe. You guys have developed a big history of metal and stuf. Yeah you say hardcore comes from punk from England but all the great bands (metal/hardcore) are coming from America. I'm not for pro America but I have just noticed the diffrence. Here in Europe it is mostly techno gigs and stuf. Sometimes there are hardcore gigs but not so often, but the scene grows.
And what I also find remarkable is the fact that all hardcore stuf, the ideas of how to play it comes from America. I mean like we hear here Madball and then there are a couple of bands starting to play that kind of stuf.
I don't know but i think it is because of the great history of music, like the origin of blues and jazz and then rock&roll and stuf and then they tried something diffrent. Man I just don't know how it comes.

(sorry for my bad English and I know this thread shouldn't be there)
I think it's mostly because you live in Belgium. Europe has a fantastic metal scene. Hardcore, not as much.
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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
Europe has been probably a bigger metal producer over the years. Hardcore has been more of an American thing - at least the bigger bands - but the UK, Italy and France (in particular) have quite a lot going on.
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Hardcore around Europe is huge, you just have to look for it. I mean my band toured with an old skool hardcore band from Belgium (Think It Through, if you haven't checked them out, do). It's just a lot harder to find on the continent, I mean Germany has a massive hardcore scene as does the Netherlands.

Just keep on the look out and see if you can find message boards for your local area.

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there is plenty of metal there. i would love to live in Europe. they have so many good metal bands and all we have is bland hardcore/metalcore bands touring constantly. and if we do have metal bands, they never tour anyway. so quit complaining.
You'd be extremely suprised...^^

Finland/Sweden have a rather big metal scene. For rock/hardcore/metal/everything else in general - it's all German.

In Britain - there are a number of good bands - but never have made it (big) big, due to the smaller markets we have.

Ohh, Dai, I wouldn't consider Germany to have the biggest hardcore scene - but they do have some great bands in genres linked off hardcore. (as we all know)