Where the guitar holds at its body when you tighten the strings is the string holder supposed to move up at the back?

Because there is an extra whole and i dont know if a screw is supposed to go there or a virbaror arm thingy.
ya thats a tremelo arm hole and it should thats how all strats do, if it really bugs you tho u can go out and buy extra springs to put on thatll hold it down, i always had a prob with my strat detuning when i dug in on the whammy bar so i put an extra spring in, works perfect
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You probably have a squier strat and the tremalo, or the bridge, will move up alittle bit when you start to tension the strings. The extra hole your talking about is for the tremalo bar or the whammy ba screws into that whole so that you can make the bridge dive and take tension off the strings. If the trem is very far off the body then that isn't normal but if its just alittle gap then don't worry about it.
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I found that happened on my old guitar when i upped the string gauge. If you like, you can buy another spring to keep it's ass on the floor. If not, you can unscrew the back bridge plate and screw your existing springs tighter into the guitar.
Just be ghetto like me, and unscrew the back plate of the guitar, and put a hunk of wood behind the bridge so it cant move. But thats only if you dont ever use your wammy bar haha.
ya i went up a gauge..Hmmm mayber ill get a new spring ...

Will it do any damage to my guitar though? Because its putting more pressure on those front springs which would be pressing into the wood side ways.