I've been wanting to get an epiphone dove for a long time now. My buddy has got one, I've toyed around with it a bit and I just love it. The problem is I'm left handed. I can't find a left handed dove ANYWHERE on the net. Do they even make them? Is it possible to special order them from somewhere? any help or info would be appreciated.
sorry can't help you there. Oh wait, you can get a gibson dove left handed for £2000??

nice name by the way. i study ancient history

Gibsons are out of my price range for now. and yeah, I'm quite the fan of ancient history.
yeah the gibson suggestions was just a wild rant. Have you considered any other brands? Doe it have to be the Epiphone dove? Fair enough that you've played it and like it, but try other left handed guitars...

i havent seen one, but ill keep an eye out for ya. good luck trying to find it, Doves are nice
yeah I'm kind of just shopping around since I probably can't find the dove. Any dreadnought within the $300-$400 range I'll consider. prefferably something good for fingerpicking since thats what attracted me to the dove.
If you buy a right handed one from a really nice dealership (like I did) they offer to do work on the nut and bridge and strings for free. So see if you can get as shop in town to switch the nut and strings around. As for the pick guard.... Hell play it up like Dylan and get two.
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