Here is my first song. all the guitar was done by me. I made a backing track for the bass and drums. Me and my friend are still working on the lyrics. So its just an instrumental at the moment. Let me know what you think. And I'll gladly crit any of your guys' work.

Link is in my sig. Its near the bottom titled "FULL SONG"
listen ^

nice recording. really clear. definetly needs to be more exciting

repatitive, but words would fix that
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Commenting as listening.

Intro is cool, I could easily imagine myself having this going full blast playing in my car on a long ride to nowhere. Catchy!

I like it so far, it's really smooth.

Haha, my sister is in the room with me bobling her head, asking me "who's that band?!". Guess that's good. Have to admit, the recording and mixing is very well organized, very clear.

Please don't have too much screaming in the song, that would just mess it up. With lyrics, it'll be a great song. Nothing too extraordinary, but pretty cool, relaxing! Nice little acoustic playing.

Good playing in general.

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