The Horror

We?re all here on the frontline,
This may be our final stand,
Get your men ready, lieutenant,
Let?s see if God guides our hand

Hate filled air,
The lines are drawn and no one wants to give in,
Red mist, blind,
It won?t be long until I extinguish their lives

These knives,
They shall be covered,
In the blood of the weak and impure

Will I care,
When I sever the ties between them and this mortal coil?
Will they find,
Peace in the next life or will they suffer eternal?

This rage,
To it I succumb,
And act shepherd to God?s fallen flock

The wars they fight for no good reason,
I shall lay them low,

God, I did this for you?
God, I bleed for you,
God, I believe lies from you,
God, I will kill them for you

These knives,
They shall be covered,
In the blood of the weak and impure

These knives,
They shall be covered,
In the blood of the weak and impure

And I feel alive

This is the 3rd song in the Anubis Complex series (other 2 in my sig, check them out for the story so far.) This song is set at the point just after Sindri escapes the laboratory, and massacres 2 armies. He has no conscience about this at this moment in time, due to being under the control of the genetic engineering undertaken upon him. ?The Horror? vows to kill these soldier?s children and wives, for being impure and ignorant. Why, we do not know yet, Anubis holds the answers. Sindri believes he is doing this by God?s will, which will eventually lead to a crisis of faith throughout the world. Exactly what Anubis wants. But that is dealt with later on.
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I massively admire anyone who has a stab at a concept series of songs. Equally impressed am I with how detailed the story is.

As for the lyrics themselves, they seem to fit well with the metal type thing you're going for. However, some lines are very trivial. "...daddy isn't coming home" doesn't fit, and the last stanza reeks of B movie cliche, especially the mention of "command HQ". I fully understand that this is a mythological type thing, but perhaps use some more imagery to spice up a sometimes basic narrative. Great effort, I'm sure a ridiculous amount of time's gone into this lot already.

If you've got time, I've just posted a new song, and the other is in my sig. Thanks, don't feel you have to.
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I dont know, this one jsut doesnt seem to have as much as the rest.

And, some lines were very trivial....

But overall, I liked it. Seemed very Opeth-y. Very progressive.
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