Im lookin for a new guitar, mostly for heavy metal/rock/jazz (trivium, children of bodom)
but that would also sound good for other types of music.

The ibanez iceman400 caught my eye, looks very nice, but i noticed it duznt have a floyd rose or a whammy bar. The jackson RR3 seems nice, but i think it wuld take time to get used to sitting with it, due to its V shape. But has a whammy bar, floyd rose. Theyr both in my price range of 0-700ish and both seem to fit the type of music i play. Any suggestions?

Im really lookin for a irregular shaped guitar btw.
Theres always the Fernandes Ravelle.


For a REALLy Irregular look. Google Wangcaster
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snowblind: i liked the iceman shape better, and the RR3. and its not only about shape, im lookin for somethig that sounds great.
How much do you really use the Floyd? Play both of them and see which one is more comfortable. The Ibanez will require a pickup change but it will probably be more comfortable than the RR3.
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well i currently own a phil pro, with a floyd rose, ive goten kinda used to it, but its not a big deal if i didnt have one, the main thing im concerned about is not having a whammy bar, somethign i do use a lot more.