hi i am thinking about buying a new bass. ive been playing for 2 years. i have a jay turser crap bass that i got for 200 bucks. i play rolling stones, neil young, queen, rhcp, and hendrix. my budget for now is 750 canadian. i am planning to get a jazz bass and i was wondering what model would suit my price range, and what are the order of the models from worst to best. also if u could tell me what wood its made out of that would be great. if i got a cheaper model and bought new pups would it be better than buying a more expensive model? i also dont mind if its mexican, usa, japan , etc.

thanks for all your help
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Mexican jazz bass would suit you, they arent great but they arent terrible either. A swa p in pick ups and some electronics work at a later date can really benefit them too. Also they are made of alder.
Le Sraah