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What's up everyone, I hope to be posting around here more, but come the school year I'll have to see how that goes. I've got a Fender Jazz Bass that I've kept for 4 years because I haven't felt the need to replace it, and an Ampeg BA-115 amp.
Yeah so pretty much I'm going to either trade in [if I can] or buy a new bass and sell my old one, but before I do I need to replace the nut.
I'll be buying this:
And I was wondering if there was a guide for how to replace a nut, or if I should just get a pair of needle nose plyers, take the old nut out, and hammer the new one in.

Oh yeah, price check on a 4-5 year old Fender Jazz Bass [made in Mexico] with a semi warped neck [it curves, noticeably] but other than that good condition.

Yeah me and my dad had to replace a nut on one of my basses. We just took an exacto knife and cut the old nut out and put in the new one. But i recommend that you use strong glue that can withhold pressure. its a fairly simple task, but if you don't think you could do the job,by all means, take it to a professional.

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