hey im 21 and iv got a budget of about 1,000 british pounds. Im gonna be buying a guitar and amp but dont really have anywhere near me go and try out equipment. can anyone help me with what gear to buy, i curently have a 30dfx marshall (crap0 and a westfield les paul and like the following bands.

Chilli peppers
metallica (love them to bits)
alkali trio

cheers for ur advice
Maybe look into a Marshall JCM series like a JCM800. You could grab a combo or maybe a stack if you want/need that. Marshalls should be cheaper in England then here in the US.

Then grab a tubescreamer to boost it for higher gain stuff. For a guitar, you could go for either a strat. You could always upgrade your LP copy too though. Throw some new pickups in there and whatever else you need. I know that John from RHCP uses a strat. Kirk Hammett used LTD's. He has his own signature axes. I think I would go more the way of maybe upgrading your existing guitar and maybe adding coil tapping to get single coil sounds. For Metallica it might be hard to get the right sound with single coils.