Hey guys got a couple of questions. I am getting my first bass tomorrow as some people might know but i already play guitar. I am in the market for a very cheap amp and i have pretty much chosen the orange crush CR35B it looks pretty decent. I currently have a proco rat 2 which i use for my elec. guitar. My questions are:

1) Can i use my proco rat 2 with my bass?

2) Can i actually use the pedal with the orange amp, is there a footswitch socket?

Simple questions really, but i am completely new to bass so i dunno if this stuff is different. Cheers in advance guys!!
A rat is surpisingly good with bass, but it depends on the pickups you have (same with guitar)

You can use the pedal with the amp, you dont need a footswitch, or do you?

Generally, it is the same as guitar, but you need gear that handles a LOT of badass low-end.
I use an AVT-100 with a bass and no problems