ok, im a beginner so dont laugh plz!

1: Whats tremolo picking?

2: the intro to suite-pee by soad, might be hard to explain, but try. Can't figure it out.

3: What's reverb

Thats all for now....
1. tremolo picking means very very very fast picking

2. the intro to sweet pee is tabbed on ultimate-guitar, and its probably not something for beginners since you have to know how to do natural harmonics.

3. reverb is a type of sound effect, it gives it kind of a nice ghostly sound. its a really great effect, especially for softer music.
1. Really fast picking on one continous note (so it almost kind of sounds like one note is sustaining in a way)

The intro of System of a Down - BYOD since you allready mentioned them

2. Sounds like natural harmonics to me

3. You know that boomy kind of echoey sound you get when you're in a huge empty room? thats reverb
amps emulate this by shaking around springs (or with digital stuff)
well that was fast.
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1) Intro to BYOB, but a bit more faster
2) natural harmonics, slide from 5th fret to 1st fret and back to 5th fret, repeat for the B, G and D string
3) The sound that you get when you play in a large empty room, something like an echo, but not an echo.