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A ceramic entity,
Passive and placid
Restrained by a cord,
An umbillical embargo
Clarify the beaten path,
And open up your ample eyes

Another cracked halo,
Splitting at the seams
One last resonant tear,
Tranquility ensues

So... still...

A stagnate being,
Life-less and inert
Cut off from vitality,
A severed umbillicus,
A bitter pill taken
A summer years ago

So still

I know that is late but would you let me kiss you
I am getting tried
And I promised to stay up with you
Something needs to keep me distracted
So can it be you

Just keep talking
Ask me a question
Any thing you can think of
Meaningful or not
Keep me thinking

Run your hand down my back
Run it through my hair
I don?t care what you do
But keep me awake

Bite my bottom lip
Surprise me
Make it hurt
Just a few more hours
Is all we need

So now let?s hit the street
Blankets and each other in arm
We will make a dark trip
Down the stairs and across the bridge
We will lay these blankets on the beach
And watch the sunrise from the east
And on the way back this land we passed
Will be new with light

We can crawl in your bed now
After the sun as come up
And my was promise was kept
So I will kiss you and say good night
I?ll wrap my arm around your waste
And now we can sleep