i need a bridge humbucker for the HSS strat im building, it has a mahogany/maple body with a maple neck, im probably going to get some kind of swinehead but im not sure which one, i want to be able to play hard rock and below mostly, maybe a little bit metal, the clean isnt too important but i want it to be okay but have a good crunch, what do you recommend?

i will probably get it in white or some kind of wood
I have a warthog in the bridge of my guitar and its excellent, almost exactly what you're asking for. With the right amp it'll do metal just fine too.
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Well Runaways have awesome crunch, but is more for low- mid gain sounds. The Warthog shoudl fit you niceley.
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What about the Xbucker in the bridge, is it good for metal?
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I considered wood to match my guitars finish, but went with cream to match the rings and binding instead. I don't think the wood covers will change the tone any, I think they're pretty cool, if durable...

The Xbucker is higher output than the warthog which to me seems the perfect hard/modern rock pickup. It can do metal with the right amp setup. It cleans up really nicely too. If you go for the Xbucker you give up a little on the clean end.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
ya and i still want okay cleans and good crunch, the warthog seems good to me and i will probably go with it unless Dave says something else, lol the wood doesnt affect tone, the magnets and windings do mostly, but im not sure if the wood is worth the extra $27 USD
I'd say warthog.

EDIT: there's a new venom out too, which is kind of in-between the warthog and xbucker, but I'd figure the warthog is still the one you want.
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