I have a quick question regarding recording with Audacity. I have been recording my sports talk show with Audacity for coming up to a year now and just recently recording myself playing the guitar. What I have come across is that when I record something and then stop and go back and want to record over what is already there, I cannot hear the first recording while recording the second recording.

This seems a little confusing, so let me clear up what I intend on doing. I want to record drum beats with Gutiar Pro and then import those beats into Audacity and play the guitar over those drum beats, the problem as I noted above is that when I press record in Audacity when there is already an audio file in Audacity, I cannot hear that recording (i.e. the drum beat when I want to record the gutiar). This is also a problem when I want to record my own guitar over pre-recorded guitar of mine.

I know at one point I had figured out why this was happening, but I forgot and I have been sitting here for an eternity trying to figure it out. If someone has encountered this and/or knows what the fix is, please do help me out. Also if someone has a better alternative (different program) on how I can fix my problem and do what I want to do, please do tell.
easy fix, go to file, preferences. then look in the lower left corner, there should be two boxes u can check off. its one of those boxes (i beleive its the top one.)

EDIT: its the box that says "play other tracks while recording new one" and it is the first box
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