Schecter...i bet you anything theres gonna be an overwhelming amount of people saying gibson
Go get your shovel.
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gibson or fender, whatever i'm playing at the moment
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Dunlop's got the right idea
Oh yeah, only took me a few months
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I'm partial to the Firebird From all my experience with the shape, only one company can acutally make it (well technically 2, but their owned by the same guys, and other Firebird knock offs are gross lol). So my vote is completely bias!! Anyway, it should be obvious I'm putting a vote in for Gibson, but remember, only the Firebird.
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to theusedsk8er:
schecter's have practically no heel, and imo they have better upper fret reach than ibanez' bolt-on's though they are not bad.

I like Jackson's but i think they are pricey for the good ones. I like some ESP/LTD as well.
yeah..idk what your talking about. my schecter pretty much lacks any heel at all
Go get your shovel.
Ibanez. But i really like Jackson, BC Rich, and some ESP's just as much. As a brand i'd say Ibanez.
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