okay. so i'm down to my last coats of finish for my guitar. after a few coats i've dry sanded it out even, then sprayed more coats. so on and so forth.

how do i finish? do i spray one more coat, then dry sand it out even. then wetsand it for the shine? or do i need one more coat after dry sandingand before wetsanding it?

in simple terms:

spray-->dry sand-->wet sand--> done
or is it
spray-->dry sand-->spray-->wet sand-->done

anything else i'm missing? and whats the reason behind the waiting 2 weeks for it to "cure"?
you should wet sand it at the end. then aplly your clear coat. Either a flat clear or a gloss clear, whichever look you want. You have to wait for it to cure so the clear coat and paint can fully harden and set in.
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First off, what u are doing is fine, unnecessary, but fine, And secondly, the reason for waiting 2 weeks ( although 48 hours is probably enough) is to let the solvents and **** breathe out of the newly sanded finish before topcoating. When u sand it, more solvents will evap out, so u dont want to trap any in the next coat of material...

You have kinda done things the hard way. But good luck
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okay. so wetsand and then one more clear coat?
the clear coat spray at the end is the same clear coat i've been using right?