Hey, I see a lot of artists play cool chords that are easy to transpose, so as I know the major/minor chords and dim/aug/7th chords, in open position, can you give me any advice for chords the are easy to transpose around the neck that don't require much change in finger position? Thanks.
theres a bunch Dm7 to D/Cm7..or C/Dm7 idk how to you write it-->root on the E string with a C in the bass (play 8th fret on E string instead of 10th)

they sound cool lol..

also G6 chord...if you flip your 4th and first finger around its a G flat i believe?
idk i havent tried those out...

if you wanted, PM me and i could email you chord possitions for 7th chords, 6th chords, minor 7 flat 5 chords, diminished, half diminished, major 7th, minor 7th, minor 6th
its a bunch of chord maps on one thing and it basically has the roots on E A and D strings..
so its alotta chords.
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Good way to do it is use the F pattern or the B minor pattern. Or just change notes in that. Take an open chord most likely, i dont always do that. And just you know switch into that on the neck and just feel it out.

i suggest like F, Fm, Bm, Gb, Gbm, G, A, Am, things like that. I mean all of those as barre chords.