If I bought a guitar that had a licensed floyd rose and I wanted to put an original on it, is that a fairly simple job to do? You would have to set the action and intonation all over again though right?
It depends if it's a direct replacement (Jackson LFR's I think...) If it isn't you would need to route a bit.
It's the LTD MH-400 that i'm thinking about changing to an Original Floyd.

So would I need to route that? and the action/intonation does need to be set up again correct?
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I don't know about LTD/ESP Trems, but seeing as this is a completely new bridge, yes you will have to adjust all that stuff again.
Do you have any idea of how much a store might charge to do this? Cause I could probably do the routing and installation but I don't know how to set up intonation or action. So if I don't want to **** anything up would it be cheap to just give it to my local shop and have them set it up for me?