Im an intermediate player looking for a new guitar. I play anything from rock, classic rock, punk, and a little metal. My price range is about $1500.
this is the wrong forum but id say your getting getting a les paul if y ou play rock and classic rock and that stuff.
used les paul standard.

man i wish i had the money. . .
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with that much money and youre asking us what good? dude, you should go to a guitar shop and play the crap outta everything they've got and pick what you like best. also, what kind of amp and guitar do you have now?
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With that budget you could get a decent gibson, a used prs, a good ibanez, fender...of you like there electrics, higher end jackson though I wouldnt recommend it for classic rock.
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Either would be perfect for what you want to play.
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what amp do you use? do you want 2 guitars or just 1? do you want a floating bridge?

though i would say the ibanez sz470